Weekend Plans

I don’t know quite what it is but weekend plans seem to be avoiding me. Last week, the holiday weekend, I had plans to go to the Shakespeare Festival in Forest Park. I packed a picnic supper and drove to the park two hours before performance time. I could not find a place to park! The park was jammed with family picnics, wedding parties taking pictures, an African Art festival and others just enjoying the park. After driving through the park twice, I gave up and went home and ate my picnic in my own kitchen, too aggravated to even go out on my deck.

Monday, the holiday, there is a traditional brass band concert in Tower Grove Park. I have often gone to this. Almost every year I’ve gone, I’ve been rained on. I really wish the band would get the message and change the time of that concert. This year I listened to the weather forecast. Sure enough, storms were forecast for the afternoon. So I broke with tradition and stayed home. Just at the time of the intermission in the concert, the heavens opened and rain poured, lightening flashed and thunder rolled. I was glad to be home.

Now this weekend I delayed making any personal plans. Tomorrow is my sister’s 40th wedding anniversary and she’s talked enough about it that I know it’s a big deal to her. She had a battle with cancer last year so maybe she’s thinking she won’t get a chance to celebrate 50 years. Who knows? Her kids were to plan the celebrations. I’ve been waiting for an invitation and have not received one.

I did shop for a gift. What a job that was! The 40th wedding anniversary is the ruby one. There are very few things available that commemorate 40 years of wedded commitment. What little is out there seems to be picture frames. Since my sister is still growing out her hair from chemo, a picture frame is not a good choice. I settled on three ruby red candleholders which are small cups perched atop long clear stems. They take the tiny tea candles so I got some of those as well. I suppose I’ll give her the gift when I see her on Tuesday to take her for her blood tests.

A church in a nearby town … 45 minutes or so away … is hosting a concert tonight with an opera singer I enjoy. I think I’ll go to that. I’ve Googled a map so I should be able to find the place.

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