Fun At The Library

Yesterday there was fun at the library. I went to my exercise class (which is growing, new people showing up almost every time we meet) and enjoyed the chitchat of class members as well as the teasing that takes place. But the most fun was when we were doing our marching. As we marched, the class teacher said it reminded her of Vacation Bible School and the song “I’m In The Lord’s Army.” She couldn’t remember the words though. Almost as one, John and I broke out singing the song. John even did the motions which go with the song.  The teacher thanked us, saying she was sure someone in the group would know that song.

After class I went to the book return with my library books. The return is a slot, sort of like a mail slot, that is about three feet off the floor. Standing in front of it was a young boy about 3 or maybe 4. He was crying. He had just pushed his books in there (at Grandma’s direction) and he wanted them back. He didn’t want to give up his books. Grandma was finally able to coax him away with the promise of getting more, new books. May he always love books and reading!

Because thunderstorms were forecast and I always unplug my computer phone line in that situation, I decided to take advantage of the library’s high speed computer access to check email. While I was at the computer, the rain poured down. It was as if the angels dumped washtubs of water over the celestial walls.

As I listened to the rain, I heard faint sounds of music. I looked around to see where it was coming from.  It appeared to be in the children’s library section. Evidently yesterday was the day for story time. Although I couldn’t see the children (there must be a meeting room in that part of the library), different groups of small folks had marched past the computers.

Later when I was back in the stacks choosing my books, I heard music again. It was another story time and they were singing “Hokey Pokey” and “If You’re Happy and You Know It” and other old children’s songs.  How nice that a new group of children are learning those old favorites.

Everywhere you turned yesterday, someone was having fun at the library. Meanwhile, back in the room where my exercise class had been, senior citizens were playing Wii.

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