Bread Has Been Found!

That bread I was looking for … it’s been found! I somehow associate that bread with Italian restaurants since the bread served there comes close to what I remember. Then late last week it occurred to me that quite possibly an Italian deli would have that bread. There is an Italian deli not too far from where I live so I made it a point to stop in there, looking for the bread.

Of course, they were sold out of by then (it was late afternoon) but the clerk assured me they’d get more the next morning. They get it every day. You can be sure I made a point of getting there before noon the next day. Sure enough, they had the bread!

It comes in a white bag so I still don’t know who bakes it. Probably an Italian bakery on The Hill (Italian section of St. Louis) but it tastes just like I remember it. Guess what I enjoyed this weekend?

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