A Wise Word

Thursday night I was listening to a radio broadcast of an interview the program host had done with Art Linkletter. As I’m sure you are aware, he passed away a few days ago. During this interview he said something I found to be profound: Keep making friends throughout your life because you run out of them. He made the point that he was 93 (I think) at the time and there were only two or three people left from his youth.

That reminded me of a comment a woman made years ago when I was working my first full-time job. It was her birthday and she was probably in her 80s. Someone asked her about who she was going to celebrate with and she said, “Everyone we know is dead.”

How do you go about making friends when you’re older? I’ve heard it said that it is difficult. There’s the old advice that in order to have friends, you have to be friendly. But where do you find people to be-friend?

I’ve been thinking about this. In my own life, I make friends through my knitting group. I try to get acquainted with the young people at my church by supporting their activities and knitting gifts for their first babies. (I do want there to be someone to come to my funeral when that time comes!) I am getting acquainted with the folks who come to my exercise class at the library.

To sum it up, I think you have to look for opportunities to be with other people and make friends with them. Strangers are only friends you haven’t met yet.

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