Getting A Jump on Christmas

Have you started your Christmas shopping or knitting yet? For years it has been my practice to Christmas shop all year long. As I was out and about, if I found a particularly good bargain that would make a nice gift for someone, I would get it and put it in my “gift” closet. Sometimes this meant that when Christmas came, I’d haul all my loot out and then have to decide who I had had in mind to give it to and fill in with other things.

This year I have not done much shopping yet but I did find a gift (using a coupon) at Borders for one of my nephews. I’ve also knit a hat (pattern from The Blue Blog, ) for my great-nephew. I decided to knit him a sweater for Christmas instead of his birthday. Jennifer, at Major Knitter (http:/ , has knit a lot of the Wonderful Wallaby pattern and I thought he might like that.

I couldn’t buy the pattern at my local yarn shop. I couldn’t believe that and was even further nonplussed when the owner said she couldn’t order it for me. I got the impression there was some strain between her shop and the producer of this pattern because I know she used to have it. I found a similar pattern which I purchased but I really wanted the Wonderful Wallaby.  I called a shop in Michigan which is owned by a friend. They had the pattern and popped it in the mail to me.

Next issue was what yarn to use. I want to use stash yarn since unless I live to at least age 126 there is no hope of my ever knitting all the yarn I have. I found a supply of Cotton-Ease that I had totally forgotten.  I have six balls of red which will be more than enough to knit the Wonderful Wallaby in an appropriate size. Since my great-nephew has dark hair and eyes, I think this will look great on him. Since it’s cotton and won’t be itchy and it looks like a sweatshirt, he might even wear it!

Next step is to get out the approriate size needles and cast on. It’s getting close to the concert-in-the-park season and this sweater will be my concert project.

P.S.  What’s up with Blogger?  The photos in the blogs that I read which are hosted there won’t show up.  When the post is basically all photos that makes it very disappointing.  If you host your blog there, can you see your photos?  Can you report this problem to Blogger?

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