Using Your Noodle

Last Saturday at the Knitters’ Guild meeting, the speaker was a physical therapist. She spoke to us about how to avoid repetitive stress injuries as a result of our knitting for hours and hours.

As you would expect, she stressed taking a break at least every 45 minutes while knitting. Good posture is paramount … hips all the way to the back of the chair, sit up straight, feet flat on the floor. A recliner is not a goood choice of chair for knitting although she said it was okay for watching television.  She demonstrated some hand exercises and also some head tilts.

Her program really got interesting when she brought out her noodle. This was a pool noodle like you’d use in the swimming pool. She cautioned us not to buy this at Wal-Mart but at a pool supply store in order to get a good quality noodle.

She recommended putting the noodle on the floor and lying down on it so it went from the top of your head to just past your bottom. You would lie there with your knees bent and arms outstretched as though you were going to make a snow angel. A ten minute rest on the noodle was recommended.  She also recommended lying with the noodle crosswise, about half-way between the waist and shoulders. Again, your arms should be out in the snow angel position.

One brave knitter got down in the floor to demonstrate these postures for us. She was advised to put her bellybutton down first and then her bottom.

If you can’t get up and down from the floor, you could do this on your bed. However, the floor is preferred because it gives greater support.

Do you have a pool noodle? How do you use it … outside the pool?

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