Legacy of Church Hats

When I was younger, we had an elderly lady who came to church. She was one of those rather prim looking ladies, always immaculately dressed with heels, gloves, and a hat to top off her outfit. She had some beautiful hats. It didn’t seem to bother her that often she was the only woman in the church wearing a hat.

I like to wear hats so I decided I should start wearing one every Sunday too to carry on the tradition. So for several years I joined the lady in the Sunday hat wearing tradition. Then the woman became a shut-in and I was left to carry on the tradition by myself. Occasionally on Easter or some special Sunday, someone else would wear a hat but I was the one you could count on to wear a hat to church on Sunday morning.

I’ve noticed in the last month or so, one of the young women has started wearing a hat to church. She’s probably in her early 20s. So the legacy will continue … from the original lady to me to this young woman. I feel good about that.

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3 Responses to Legacy of Church Hats

  1. ray says:

    In most faiths, headwear is a sign of reverence, a way of showing modesty and renewing covenants.

    Your hat sounds nice. I hope others join you and your new hat friend.

  2. Susie says:

    I like it too. It reminds me of days gone by. Hats look so elegant. I mostly remember ladies wearing them to church on Easter Sunday–me included. Wouldn’t mind seeing more of them. And the tradition continues in your church–perhaps because of you!

  3. fillyjonk says:

    That’s nice. It makes me think of Luvada, a woman who had been a member of my parents’ church. Luvada had worked as a milliner and ladies’ haberdasher when she was young, and she dressed so beautifully – not flashy, never inappropriate, but she chose colors and cuts that were just so right for her. And she always had her hats.

    A few years ago she passed away. (I couldn’t make it to her funeral). My mother tells me lots of women wore hats to her service in her honor.

    If a hat trend got started again, I’d probably join in, but I’m not brave enough to start a trend on my own.

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