Cruising the Eastern Mediterranean

Last night was the final travelogue in this season of programs. I almost missed it. I had had a headache all day and almost didn’t go. But more or less at the last minute, I got ready and dashed across town to the University.

My normal route to get there wasn’t a good choice, especially since I was running late, because of road work. So I figured out a different route and took off. The program had already started when I got there. But I found a seat in the dark and found that we were cruising the eastern Mediterranean.

The woman who did the narrative part of the program had a big job, pronouncing all the Greek names. She referred to mythology, gave dates, etc. Of course, a lot of the shore excursions included some kind of ruins and she was able to identify them and tell bits about them. She also told about the wineries along the way. I think she must be a cat lover because there were charming pictures of cats too.

In addition to visiting a variety of Greek islands, the cruise included Venice, Ephesus, Cairo, Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

I’m not sure I’m physically up for walking around/through the ruins but it certainly was an appealing program. Maybe I’ll start saving my nickels and take such a cruise some day. It was certainly more appealing to me than a Caribbean cruise.

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One Response to Cruising the Eastern Mediterranean

  1. Ray says:

    You should cruise. It’s wonderful and actually less arduous than other types of travel as the hotel moves with you. The mediterranean is wonderful, but I think I’d like northern Europe more, the Baltic, Scandinavia, Russia. WOW!

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