Two Nice Comments

Yesterday was a boost to my self-esteem.

One of the things I do is write a quarterly Opinion Shaper column for our weekly county newspaper. A friend from church called to say she saw my most recent column which was printed yesterday. She had complimentary things to say about it, told me what a good job I do, etc. Later at church she said her husband was the one who spotted it first and he, too, had complimentary things to say.

Another thing I do, which I mentioned in an earlier post, is tutor some children in reading. Yesterday I worked with the second grader. While he was working on the craft project we were doing, he said, “I like doing stuff with you. It’s fun.” I think his reading has improved as well because he’s met his AR goal twice this semester. Too often we volunteer tutors get little or no feedback on how effective we are. His comment made my day … and the school year.

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