Less than Satisfactory Phone Calls

Yesterday was the day of less than satisfactory phone calls.

First, I called my doctor’s office to request a prescription for the quarterly blood tests before my appointment in about ten days. Because of my insurance coverage, I have to use a different lab than the one he prefers; hence, the need for the prescription. The office woman said she needed to change my appointment because the doctor is going to do house calls until 2:30 p.m. each day and have evening office hours. Why would he do this? I didn’t know any doctors ever made house calls any more. Is this an effort to “grow his business” because not enough people are coming to the office? Will insurance plans cover this kind of care?

Another call was an effort to sort out a goof of mine. I’m scheduled to volunteer two days next week at the St. Louis Storytelling Festival. Orientation was Thursday evening. I flat out forgot to go! So I called in an effort to find out how and when I would get my packet with name tag, shirt, and other volunteer materials. I called the number given in the email scheduling the orientation. The woman who answered gave me a different number. I called it and only got a voice mail. I left a message asking for a call back but haven’t heard a word. Guess I’ll try again on Monday.

I got a very strange letter in the mail from an insurance company about a reduction in my retiree life insurance coverage. I had heard nothing about any proposed changes. So I decided to call the HRSource folks to see what was going on. Talked to a very nice woman who explained that my life insurance coverage had a provision in it for a reduction of coverage. Huh? She tried to explain it but I’m not sure I still understand this. Guess maybe too many retirees are shuffling off their mortal coils and the insurance company is having to pay out too many funds.

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1 Response to Less than Satisfactory Phone Calls

  1. ray says:

    regarding insurance: it’s a common practice that life insurance payouts go down as you get older, particularly if the policy is term insurance, paid by a company on your behalf (as with a pension fund or retiree benefit). Insurance is seen as a hedge against an unforeseen event with compensation to others who depend on you. I guess they feel as one gets older, that insurance is less vital. You should double check too when the insurance stops. Again, if it’s term insurance, they will stop covering you at a given age or ask you to pay an exorbitant amount to continue. 😦

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