An Assortment of Topics

Remember the friend who had to be airlifted from Springfield due to a heart attack? Heard last night that she went home from the hospital Tuesday. It was determined she didn’t need the stents they were planning to put in. In fact, there was no blockage in her heart and no damage to it. The technician told her that her heart was in better shape than the 42-year-old woman’s who came in right after she did (she is about 70 I think). To God be the glory!

How did a squirrel get in my garage? I’m not sure but it sure got a surprise when I started to open the garage door. It was perched, I think, on the top rail and when the door started rising, it jumped to the floor and skedaddled outside to the safety of a maple tree.

In my exercise class yesterday, we had competing grandmothers. Betty is a jolly woman who tells funny stuff about her granddaughter. Doris has a whiny voice which affects me like fingernails on a chalkboard. Any story Betty told was one-upped by Doris. The other people in the class could barely get a word in edgewise. John, Betty’s husband, plays bluegrass music so there was some discussion of instruments, etc. Doris got involved in that conversation, too, and claimed family ties to Ferlin Husky (I think that was the performer) but she couldn’t quite work out how they were related. She finally decided that her grandmother and his grandfather were brother/sister.

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