Another Mini-Vacation

Yesterday I went for a bus ride. My next Opinion Shaper column is due on Wednesday.  I’ve wanted to write a column about the new bus service which has been started in Jefferson County. The bus goes from Arnold in the north to DeSoto in the south part of the county.

I mentioned this bus to the poll workers last week and most of them knew nothing about it. So I feel like they need to get a little publicity but how could I write intelligently about it if I had never riden it?

So yesterday I went to the Arnold Rec Center and caught the bus. Sadly there was only a man and me on it until we got to Hillsboro where he got off. He’s 79 and rides the bus to the Rec Center almost every day to work out in the gym.

I got off the bus at the Wal-Mart in DeSoto because I knew there would be a restroom I could use there. There were two more stops before the end of the line but I didn’t know if there would be any facilities I could use at either one of them. I got some snack crackers and a Twix bar in the Wal-Mart for my lunch and then the bus picked me up on its northern trip.

There was one man on it when I got on. He got off at the hospital/medical center in Festus. After he got off the bus, the driver told me he’s lost his job. His wife works at the medical center. A couple of times a week he rides the bus up there from DeSoto and waits for her to get off work.  Then he drives home with her. Last week one day he had a big bunch of flowers for her. The driver asked him if he was in trouble or if it was “just because.” It was “just because.”

It was a beautiful day for a drive across the county. The redbud trees were all in bloom. In one town, there were some other pink flowering trees which I think might have been ornamental crabapple trees. The hills were covered in green and in places there were vistas where you could see quite a distance across the hills.

Now, I have to get my act together and write the column.

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