Election Day Stories

As I mentioned in my previous post, I worked Tuesday as an election judge. We only had 193 voters all day (from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.) so it was a long day. But it wasn’t without its excitement.

At one point during the day, a man and his adult son came in to vote. On their heels came another man who had a good size ring in his left ear. We, of course, noticed the earring. All three voted and then left.

Shortly after that, in came the son. He reported that Earring Man had backed into one of the poll workers’ car. He got out of his car, ran his hand over the bumper which was scraped and possibly bashed a little on one corner and then drove off. Son Voter, being a good citizen, got his license plate number and came in to report to us.

The owner of the car determined she should call the sheriff to get a police report. We didn’t have a phone book in the church hall where we were holding the election so she called the Circuit Clerk’s office. They told her they couldn’t give her the sheriff’s office number; she should call 911. She didn’t think this was that big of an emergency but finally gave in and called.

The 911 dispatcher said she’d sent a sheriff. Poll Worker gave her the address of the church where we were working. We waited but no sheriff appeared. Finally, the office called her back and said the sheriff was in the parking lot but didn’t see anyone.

There is another church a block away with a very similar name. Turned out the sheriff had gone there. He eventually got to the correct church and they got a report filed. Earring Man will be charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

Later another voter came in. She said she didn’t want to get near anyone because she’s been very sick, still wasn’t well and didn’t want to give her infection to anyone. After completing her ballot, she refused to return the pen because she didn’t want to spread her germs. I don’t know why she didn’t vote absentee since she felt she was such a threat to our well-being.

Our voter count was up, we felt, because of an issue which wasn’t on any of the seven different ballots we had. Which ballot you received depended on your precinct number. Quite a few — maybe 40 — voters asked about an annexation issue. From the way they phrased their questions, we think they would have voted against it. That issue is what brought them out in the first place. However, in a sort of land grab fashion, one community wants to annex part of the neighboring community … but only a tiny part which has no more than six residents but a number of businesses. The annexing group wants the tax dollars from that section. I read the election results in the newspaper yesterday but did not see the result for that issue.

Every election is different and you never know what kind of excitement you’ll have. While all of this was going on, I steadily knitted, handed out ballots, checked in voters, and ended with a completed hat and a start on another one. It was a good day.

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