On Election Day

One of the part-time jobs I have is that of an election judge. Friday I went for refresher judge training.

Late yesterday afternoon the election judges for my poll were to turn up at the polling place to get it set up for today. John, our supervising judge, told us to be there at 4:30. Three of us were. But was John? No, he was not. Calls to his home went unanswered. We were beginning to wonder about calling the police to see if someone could go over there and check on him.

But he drove up, just 45 minutes late. When told he was late, he tried to say he had told us 5:30 but all three of us knew otherwise. We got busy setting up the poll and I was able to leave about 6 p.m.

Since this election has very few things on the ballot, we’re not expecting a big turnout so there will definitely be knitting time today. It’s really better to have lots of voters coming in; otherwise, the day just drags on.  I’ve got the yarn for two hats with me and fully expect to complete one of them before the poll closes.

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