Recipe Frustration

Among the blogs I read on a fairly regular basis are at least two food blogs. So you would think it would be easy to find a post I remember, wouldn’t you? Well, I’m here to tell you it is not.

Tonight is our Home Bible Study fellowship. We all take a dish to share and eat after the lesson. For some of us, that food becomes our dinner … or at least it could and in the past has been dinner.

Because this group likes sweets and usually we have more of those than anything else, I try to take something at least marginally healthy. As a diabetic, I cannot handle all those sweets. My fall-back dish is deviled eggs. But sometimes someone else also opts to bring deviled eggs so we have an abundance of dietary cholesterol on offer that night.

While it won’t help with the cholesterol issue, I have got it in my head to make and take a quiche tonight. I have never made a quiche. But how hard can one be?  In my blog reading this week, I saw a recipe for an asparagus/Harvarti cheese quiche. The piciture had the stalks of asparagus making a pattern of wagon wheel spokes on the top. That’s what I had in mind to make.

Do you think I can find that blog with that recipe which sounded so simple? No, I cannot. I’ve googled and have found a recipe I can use but I’d really like to find the one which was the source of this desire to make a quiche.

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