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Silent Yarn and Tasteless Cookies

Allison ( often writes about yarn speaking to her about what it wants to be or even who it wants to get the completed item. Maybe I should get her to talk to this yarn I’ve got. This white with … Continue reading

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Style Questions

Looking at the young women I see at church, I’m puzzled by two of their style choices. One is a layering fashion. Now I have nothing against layering. I think it serves a good purpose during winter. But what puzzles … Continue reading

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Time to Spring Forward

Can you believe it’s time to Spring Forward already? I just learned this past weekend that we change to Daylight Savings Time this coming weekend. Am I the only one who remembers “Spring Forward, Fall Back” so I know what … Continue reading

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An Interesting Evening

Last evening was a long but interesting one. It started with my attending a book signing at one of the local knit shops. Franklin Habit was there to talk, read from his book “It Itches,” and sign his book. Franklin … Continue reading

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Sharing the Stash

My knitting friend, Jane, who passed away recently, left instructions that her stash was to be given to me for sharing with her Borders knitting group and then the local Knitters’ Guild for their charity knitting program. Her daughter-in-law brought … Continue reading

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Gambling Thoughts

What are your thoughts about gambling? Do you differentiate between buying a lottery ticket and going to a casino? We have a lottery in this state. I don’t buy any tickets. That seems to me to be a quick way … Continue reading

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