I’m Late … with questions

I’m late getting this post up because this morning I went to the one-year birthday celebration of St. Clare’s Hospital. This is the hospital closest to my house and I’m impressed every time I visit it.

During this visit, we were given a passport to have stamped as we visited five areas they were featuring. One was the cancer care center where we learned about how radiation treatment is done. I found this to be fascinating. The technician explained how they make a face mask, for example, if they are treating a brain tumor to keep the patient’s head still. They make all the markings on this mask rather than the patient. The next room was where the actual treatment occurs.  I was impressed with the stained glass type pictures in the ceiling for the patient to look at during treatment.

We also saw a biplane area. This is where you want to be taken if you’re having a stroke because this equipment allows the doctor to see inside your head in two planes … almost a 3D picture if you will.

Other areas we visited included the cardio rehab treatment room which looked like a gym with all the equipment in it. We also visited the chemo therapy room and the area for mammograms. Lastly, we visited a physicians expo where a number of the doctors affiliated with the hospital had displays.

Then it was on to the garden level where the cafeteria is located. Here we turned in our passports for a drawing for a Nintendo Wii prize, collected a tote bag and had birthday cake and ice cream. It was a very nice event planned for the community by the hospital.

Now my questions … If I should win that Wii, will I be able to use it without having a TV?   It’s getting close to Easter and I’m sure some folks will be getting new Easter outfits. Do you launder them before you wear them? If it is something that needs to be dry cleaned, do you take/send it to the cleaners before wearing?

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  1. fillyjonk says:

    I’m not sure but I think it’s possible to hook a Wii up to a computer monitor. Or, if you really wanted to, you could probably get an old (non-digital ready) tv really inexpensively (like at Goodwill) to just use with the Wii.

    If new clothes can be laundered, I always launder them…there can be sizing or un-fixed dye left in them. (I remember a few times when I was a teenager and didn’t do that, I inadvertently dyed my undies from new jeans, when I went out in the rain and they got wet). Dry cleanable stuff I generally don’t dry clean first, because it’s kind of a pain to, but washable stuff, definitely, I wash.

    (As much as possible, I try to get clothes I can launder myself.)

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