Rain Gardens

I finally got to one of the Senior Seminars this week. The topic was rain gardens. Typically, I didn’t have a clue what this meant before the speaker began.

I learned a rain garden is an effort to stop runoff and conserve our water supply. It is also a way to deal with water pollution. A rain garden differs from a water garden in that it only holds water for a day or so.

The speaker talked about what kind of plants to use, where to site a rain garden, and illustrated her talk with slides. She stressed that while a rain garden can look unstructured, it should be clear that a gardener was involved in putting these plants in that spot. She emphasized having clear edges to your garden.

Then she did a Q&A segment. That was almost as informative as her talk.

I do enjoy attending these Senior Seminars. I’m just sorry that memorial services for friends, etc., have caused me to miss two of them I had signed up to attend.

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1 Response to Rain Gardens

  1. Patti says:

    What a nice concise summary of this seminar.

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