Time to Spring Forward

Can you believe it’s time to Spring Forward already? I just learned this past weekend that we change to Daylight Savings Time this coming weekend. Am I the only one who remembers “Spring Forward, Fall Back” so I know what to do with my clock?

But how am I supposed to remember when I do either? It seems to me someone … Congress, maybe? … keeps changing the date we do this time change. I don’t remember ever changing so early.

I really don’t like changing time. Although the extra light in the evening is nice, once I get used to it, I’d prefer to have it in the morning. Until I get used to it, I have almost a jet-lag type reaction to it.

What are your thoughts on daylight savings time?

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1 Response to Time to Spring Forward

  1. fillyjonk says:

    I don’t like it, mainly because I go to work early (before 7 am) and right now, I’m driving to work as the sun is coming up – but after DST, and for several weeks, almost to the end of the semester, I’m driving in in the dark again.

    At least this year the change happens over my spring break so at least my body gets adjusted

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