An Interesting Evening

Last evening was a long but interesting one. It started with my attending a book signing at one of the local knit shops. Franklin Habit was there to talk, read from his book “It Itches,” and sign his book.

Franklin was a very interesting speaker. It was fun to listen to him discuss knitting from patterns published in the 1840s. A recurring phrase was, “you guess a lot.” He had beautiful examples of some of the lace work he has done, including some edgings which would be lovely sewn on handkerchiefs, bed linens, towels, etc. When asked what size needle he used, he replied a zero. He doesn’t like to use anything a knitter can’t get at her local shop if she wants to knit a pattern he’s promoting. Isn’t that thoughtful?

The knit shop furnished some munchies … cheese, crackers, fruit, and chocolate. Then before we left, we were invited to reach into a covered basket and pull out two balls of yarn to take with us. I imagine the yarns are from their clearance stock but still … what a nice thing to do!

After a stop at a local sandwich cafe for a quick dinner, I drove to the monthly travelogue. The program this time was on the American Southwest. Frankly, although it was filmed in a number of national parks, they all looked alike to me. After you’ve seen one collection of red sandstone canyons, there’s not much else to see.

I noticed the attendance was down. I just wonder if this performance will be offered again in the future. The show is done twice … once at 6:00 p.m. and once at 8:30 p.m. I go to the later one. If the attendance doesn’t pick up, I would expect they’ll consolidate the two showings.

One of the women I talk with at the travelogue did attend the dinner I missed last month. She said it was real nice … but if they hadn’t already made a reservation and paid, they would have skipped it because the weather was SO cold that night. It was announced that there will be a dinner with the May showing, too, and we should get information about it in the mail shortly. Evidently the dinner idea was popular enough because they plan to do it four times next season.

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