Sharing the Stash

My knitting friend, Jane, who passed away recently, left instructions that her stash was to be given to me for sharing with her Borders knitting group and then the local Knitters’ Guild for their charity knitting program. Her daughter-in-law brought me three big plastic trash bags full of yarn.

So Tuesday I took them to Borders with me. It was fun digging in the bags and sharing out what was tucked in them. Jane would prefer that the yarns be used for items for charity and I think that’s where most of it will go.  I came home with just one not-quite-as-full bag of what I suspect is mostly odds and ends. I need to dump it out and go through it.

Most of the yarn was acrylic. Two yarn snobs wouldn’t take any of it; they only wanted wool or natural fibers. But the rest of us are willing to work with acrylic yarn, especially when the completed items will be given to someone who may not have laundry facilities available for taking care of wool or other hard-to-care-for yarns.

Going through the balls and skeins of yarn was like excavating a dig of the local yarn scene. There were yarns from shops which have been out of business for many years. Others brought memories of seeing Jane knit something with that yarn.

This experience was also an encouragement to knit up the yarns we all have at home. One of the yarn snobs commented that her husband would have to be doing what we were with her stash when she passes. I’m trying to focus on knitting mine up before it’s my time to depart this world but since we never know when that time will be, I’m sure there will be stash left to be shared with others.  I must do as Jane did and leave instructions for what to do with it.

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1 Response to Sharing the Stash

  1. redfear says:

    What a beautiful legacy your friend gave and you’ve helped move along!

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