It’s A FO

The great-nephew’s sweater is a FO (Finished Object). It’s even wrapped and waiting to be opened at the family birthday dinner tonight which I am hosting. I’m pleased with how the sweater turned out. I know a three-year-old probably won’t be excited by a new sweater but I hope he at least likes it enough to wear it.

We have three birthdays within a week in our family. This little boy and both of his grandparents. So we’re celebrating all three of them with the family dinner. The favorite flavor for dessert is chocolate so I’m making a chocolate pie and a chocolate cake. I got the birthday candles which are individual letters spelling out “happy birthday” to top the cake. The rest of the menu is pretty easy … as a change from what is normally served I’m doing fish and chips with some vegetable side dishes.

So today will be spent baking, cooking, and cleaning house and if I have time, starting the laundry.

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1 Response to It’s A FO

  1. Chris says:

    Way to go! Glad that it got done in time. Have a great party.

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