Will I Make Deadline?

I’ve been knitting a lot on my great-nephew’s birthday sweater but I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll make the deadline. I still have two and a half rows on the buttonband to finish and then the entire second sleeve. Must knit faster … which is difficult to do using slippery metal doublepoint needles.

Don’t know if I mentioned this sweater is being knit from stash yarns. As is typical when I try to knit from stash, I ran out of one of the yarns. It was the variegated one I was using for the wider stripes. There was no way to get any more because I purchased it several years ago from a shop which has since gone out of business.

So I decided to make the sleeves the solid background color. This was a good plan but I ran out of that yarn too! At least it was purchased more recently and I would probably be able to get more of it. The problem … the yarn shop where I purchased it is 30 miles away.

So yesterday afternoon I spent about three hours driving to that shop where I purchased another ball. My angels were on duty and I even got the same dyelot! That counts as at least a minor miracle. Stops at two other stores finally produced the crayon buttons I wanted.  But I sure could have used those hours for knitting … if I had had the needed yarn.

Now to settle down and knit that second sleeve. Somehow I see some late nights for me. Oh, well, sleep is kind of overrated, isn’t it?

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