Off to Another Memorial Service

I’m off a little later this morning to the memorial service for my cousin’s husband. He passed away a few months ago and was cremated. Because he lived in this area for many years and only lived across the state for the last two, his daughter wanted to have the service here. They were not church goers so it will be held in the office of the local political organization’s office. He was very active in that organization until his health deteriorated to the point he could no longer do it.

I finally got letters back from all the other cousins who graciously gave permission for the burial of both my cousin and her husband in the family grave plot. This has been a learning experience for her daughter and me. We knew it had to be a lineal descendent in order to have burial privileges there. What we didn’t know was that if there were descendents who were closer related to the purchaser of the lot, you had to get their permission. I suppose in some families this could be the cause of a lot of fuss. Thankfully, the other cousins had no problem with granting permission.

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