Sweater Progress

I’ve been knitting a lot on my great-nephew’s birthday sweater. In fact, I’ve been knitting so much that I’ve made my upper arm/shoulder and my wrist hurt. Boo!

I think my pain may in part be caused by my knitting at the computer. I have dial-up Internet access so I knit while waiting for pages to load, etc. I suspect I’m holding my arms/hands in a funny way which is contributing to the pain. I think I have good posture but maybe I don’t.

Progress continues on the sweater in spite of the pain. The shoulders have been joined and I’ve picked up stitches for the first sleeve. The pattern directed you to do a three-needle bindoff for the shoulders but I dropped a bunch of stitches when I tried that. I couldn’t get them picked up properly so ended up having to rip about an inch off the back and reknitting it. So I decided a sewn seam would be better.

The sleeve stitches are picked up around the armhold and knit in the round on doublepointed needles. I’m not fond of doing that although I’m comfortable with doublepoints. However, I don’t have a short circular in the proper size while I have a wealth of doublepoints in that size. Wonder how that came to be?

Will I get the sweater done by the birthday at the end of next week? I don’t know but I’m sure trying. I have both sleeves and the front bands to do. Guess I should go buy the buttons so I’ll be able to sew them on when I get that far.

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