She’ll Be Missed

For the second week I will miss the Senior Seminar. Last week it was because of the weather. This week the reason is of greater value.

Sunday as I scanned the obituary column in the newspaper, I saw that my knitting friend, Jane, had passed away. Jane was 90 so I suppose her death was to be expected. But still I wasn’t ready for it.

Jane was a member of our local knitters’ guild and also a member of the group of knitters who meet at the Borders Bookstore. That’s where I got to know her best. She was an excellent knitter and was always willing to help someone who had a problem figure out the solution.

I have an Elsebeth Lavold cardigan that I knit from yarn I bought in New Zealand. It had a fairly complex cable up the fronts and on either side of the back. The directions were charted, not written out line by line. I was new to knitting from charts and Jane and I put our heads together over the charts in order to figure out what I was to do. I’m sure I’ll think of her each time I wear that cardigan.

Jane’s memorial service is this morning. Good-by, Jane. My life was enriched by your friendship.

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