Knitting Olympics

There are two different Olympic events for knitters. One is the Knitting Olympics organized by the Yarn Harlot similar to how she did this four years ago. The other one is with Ravelry. I don’t know about the Ravelry one since I’m not a member of Ravelry. But if you’re participating in the traditional Knitting Olympics, you were to cast on during the opening ceremonies last night. Your project is to be one that is a challenge and you have to complete it by the closing ceremonies. Yikes!

I’m not participating in the Olympics at all. I’m too busy trying to finish the sweater for my great-nephew’s birthday. This is a big enough challenge for me.  I’m making progress. I have now separated the backs and fronts. The back is knit and I’ve only a couple more inches to do on one front.

This project is not without its challenges. I’m using stash yarn and, typically, am running out of one of the stripe colors. I’m pretty sure I have enough to do the fronts. But I don’t think there’s enough to attempt keeping the sleeves in the same stripe pattern.

I thought about changing the stripe pattern on the sleeves. But further thought suggested plain sleeves in the main color would be even better. That raises the question of whether or not I have enough yarn to do that. I think I probably do. If not, at least it’s a current yarn and I should be able to buy another ball. The yarn which is in short supply is an older yarn purchased from a shop which is no longer in business.

Finishing up this sweater is my challenge for February. The pattern isn’t written as clearly as it could have been. The measurements for the various sizes are off when compared to ready-to-wear. So in one sense, I’m designing as well as knitting this sweater.

The big question, though, is will he and his parents like it and will he wear it. We’ll see.

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