I’ve come down with a cold and lack the ability to put coherent thoughts together. So I’m going to ramble a bit in this post.

First, I apologize for the lateness of it. I slept in this morning. Then called and cancelled my tutoring session. I’m going back to bed soon to see if I can sleep off this cold.

This week is my birthday week. The mail has been surprisingly heavy with birthday cards. I don’t normally get birthday greetings from my state senator but I did this week. I’ve also received coupons for a free meal at a favorite restaurant.

But the week has had more than its share of difficulties, especially with paperwork. I’ve been muddling through.

Now the weather is threatening again. Winter storm warnings are out for a storm to begin at 6 p.m. with an accumulation of 3 to 5 inches of mixed snow/rain/wintery mixture. Given my iffy health today, I think I shall miss the Youth Week service at church tonight. Attendance at tomorrow night’s monthly travelogue will depend on how I feel and the condition of the roads.

Last night the speaker at Youth Week said that when Satan sends bad things to you, God can turn them into good … if you praise God. I shall try that and see what comes of this mixed up week.

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