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Compassion Needed

A biblical phrase “bowels of compassion” has been running through my mind as I listen to news of the earthquake in Haiti. It is definitely time to be moved by the plight of the folks who live on this island … Continue reading

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Time To Be Counted

This is the year the U.S. does the census. It was suggested to me that I might like being a census worker. So I called the regional census office and made an appointment to take the test. I was a … Continue reading

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Film Mini-Vacation A Disappointment

Last night was the monthly travelogue at a local university. A few of us brave souls bundled up in our cold weather gear and ventured out to attend the program. Parking is in a garage and then we walk through … Continue reading

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Saving the Polar Bears

I’m sure we’ve all seen pictures of polar bears and read articles about how the ice is melting and the bears are losing their habitat. Well, I’ve got an idea how we can save them.  How about we get some … Continue reading

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Mini-Vacation Postponed

I was planning to take a mini-vacation yesterday. A new bus line has been started in my county, going from one town at the northern end to another town at the southern end. This is the first attempt at public … Continue reading

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A Cold Start to 2010

2010 has gotten off to a cold start here. This morning it was 6F and the high won’t be above the mid teens. At least the sun is shining. But there’s no way around it … it is COLD!  It’s … Continue reading

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