FOs, New Project, Priorities

I have two FOs! I’m so excited. Both are scarves. The first one is a diagonal knit scarf in a funky novelty type yarn or maybe you’d call it a kind of ribbon yarn. It has short pieces of other ribbons hanging off the yarn so they stick out of the knitted fabric. Heaven only knows when or where or on what I will wear it. But it was an interesting knit project and a nice reminder of the knit shop in Indianapolis where I bought the yarn during a trip several years ago.

The second FO is my striped scarf. I don’t like the Noro yarn which the designer designated for this pattern so I substituted Mochi Plus. It’s a lovely soft yarn and will feel ever so good snugged against my neck, especially when it is bitter cold. However, I’m not fond of this yarn. It is very lightly spun so there are places where it’s almost as thin as sewing thread and other places where it is like roving. I should think knitting anything more than a scarf in it would be problematical because of the yarn construction. This striped scarf went on for ever. It is the longest scarf I’ve ever knitted. But it is completed now and will be worn tonight when I attend the Symphony’s Town Hall meeting.

My new project is my great-nephew’s birthday sweater. It is a striped sweater and will use up some yarns from my stash along with the main color which I purchased. The fronts and back are knit in one piece on a round needle. I’ve started it and have the hem complete and am getting ready to start the body. I looked at the picture on the pattern and decided I didn’t like the looks of the sleeves. They’re kind of a dropped shoulder style but the stitches are picked up and knit down in the round on DPNs. Not sure I like that but I’ll wait till I get there to decide whether or not I need to change that. One thing I will change is the button band. The pattern calls for that to be crocheted. Not for this gal. So I’ll figure out a different band to go on the sweater.

To completely change the subject … last night President Obama gave his State of the Union Speech. Attendance at Bible Study was very low and I wondered if people were home listening to the speech. They may have been but I think the weather forecast (snow and freezing rain) probably had more to do with it. The speech was still being given when I got in my car after the service and I fully expected the major radio station in the city would be broadcasting it. I was listening to it on a different station in the car. I could not believe my ears when I realized that that major radio station, the one we all listen to during major storms or events, was broadcasting a hockey game. Somehow that just didn’t seem right to me. Is profit the motive for not broadcasting the President’s speech?  When did sports become more important than what is happening in the U.S.?

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