Comfort of Small Rituals

I’ve been thinking about how we each have personal rituals which give us comfort. It could be something as simple as which sock we put on first. If, by chance, we change that, our day doesn’t go as well. We need the comfort of that ritual.

There is a couple who comes to Borders every day for a cup of coffee. That’s their ritual. Now I rather wonder about that one. Why don’t they make coffee at home? Do they come just to get out of the house for a bit? Given the price of coffee and gasoline, it doesn’t seem to me to be economical for them to get their daily cup of coffee at Borders.

But it is a ritual which provides them with something … satisfaction, an excuse for an outing, a chance to talk to others … who knows. This week when I was at knit group, they came in. It was a miserable foggy/rainy day and he drove up to the door to drop her off before parking the car. That was a small change in their ritual but it gave both of them pleasure.

What small rituals do you have?  What kind of comfort do you derive from them?

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1 Response to Comfort of Small Rituals

  1. Chris says:

    Each night, before I get in bed, I get down on my knees in front of the dog’s bed and give him pats ands kisses. Even if we just spent the night sitting on the couch together. I guess I tuck him in. Yet, I no longer tuck in my kids.

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