Reading Fun

I like to read. That’s one reason I volunteer to tutor first and second grade students who are struggling in learning to read. I feel that if I can help them see the fun in reading, they will work harder for their classroom teacher learning phonics, sight words and all the other things which go into learning to read.

One thing which adds to my enjoyment of reading is when a book is set in an area I’ve either lived in or visited. Elaine Viets was a columnist for a local newspaper in my area for a number of years. That’s where I first learned to enjoy her writing.  Then she and her husband moved away.

Somewhere along the line, she started writing mysteries. In the beginning, she set them in St. Louis. While some of the locations were thinly disguised, a lot of them were places you could drive to today. That local flavor added to the story.

Now Elaine lives in Florida and her stories are set in Fort Lauderdale. I’ve visited there but I don’t know that area well. However, I think I’d recognize some of it if I went back. Elaine had described it to me.

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2 Responses to Reading Fun

  1. Elaine Viets says:

    Hi, there.
    Thanks for teaching future readers.
    Elaine Viets here. I’m glad you enjoyed my columns in the Post-Dispatch.
    I now write two mystery series. The Josie Marcus mysteries feature mystery shopper Josie. Those books are set in St. Louis and “The Fashion Hound Murders” is the latest.
    My Dead-end Job series is set in South Florida, mostly in Fort Lauderdale where I live now. “Killer Cuts” is set in a hair salon.
    Sample first chapters and reading discussion questions are at
    If you like my columns you can read them for free every Wednesday on The Lipstick Chronicles at
    Oh, one more thing. I come home to St. Louis twice a year. Miss the local food and friends.

  2. AlisonH says:

    My brother-in-law did his medical residency in Saint Louis.

    I have a child who was not doing well in school, who got assigned a tutor to work with him one-on-one; he was in elementary at the time. He’d come out of a 1st grade classroom with 40 kids in it and an overwhelmed first-time teacher who had been taught nothing but the Whole Language method of teaching. Phonics was considered evil in the California school system at the time.

    And so he felt like a failure when he didn’t learn how to read that year, and was falling farther and farther behind.

    Just that time with that tutor, that one-on-one time with an adult who wasn’t a parent focusing on him, changed everything. It was like the light turned on. It was such a relief!

    So thank you thank you thank you for being a tutor!

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