Compassion Needed

A biblical phrase “bowels of compassion” has been running through my mind as I listen to news of the earthquake in Haiti. It is definitely time to be moved by the plight of the folks who live on this island in the Caribbean.

But what form should our compassion take? I heard an interview with the Haitian ambassador on NPR. He suggested groups start collecting materials. He was really vague about what those materials should be but I suppose building supplies, medical supplies, clothes, things like that could be collected.

The major thing which is always needed in this situations is money.  So if you are moved to do something that will have a lasting benefit, pick one of the charitable groups working in Haiti like the Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders and make a donation.

Be wise in deciding where to give your donation. Make sure it is an organization with a proven track record of using the money for the benefit of the victims, not a group which will spend it on “administration” or worse yet, pocket it.

If you’re on a limited income and unable to make a financial donation, give your prayers for the workers who are there to assist the victims, for the victims themselves, for those who are bereaved as a result of the earthquake and for wisdom on the part of the government as it makes decisions affecting the lives of the citizens.

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