Film Mini-Vacation A Disappointment

Last night was the monthly travelogue at a local university. A few of us brave souls bundled up in our cold weather gear and ventured out to attend the program. Parking is in a garage and then we walk through one of the science buildings and then about a block across the campus to get to the chapel where the programs are held.

A treat was coming out of the building and finding a golf cart type vehicle waiting to give us rides over to the chapel. Several people were quick to climb aboard. We had second thoughts about that when the student driver started up and we were hit with the cold wind generated in part by our movement. Oh, well, it would have been cold to walk and the walkway was slippery with slush and ice.

Sadly, that was the high point of the evening. The program was titled something like “The World Is Round.” I clearly wasn’t on the photographer’s wave length because we did not start at one point and go around the world. Instead, he had combined shots from various trips he had taken over a period of years, using a variety of cameras, and combined them to make this film. We bounced from Europe to Brazil to India, back to Europe, off to Hong Kong, back to Europe, back to India, etc.

His techniques left me feeling dizzy. He was a big fan of either slowing things down so the people were walking very slowly or going at high speed. I don’t feel I need to apologize for cutting off the heads of those I photograph because he did that a lot!

So a program that sounded interesting turned out to not be. Guess I’ll just have to look for another mini-vacation opportunity since I’ve struck out so far this month.

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