Saving the Polar Bears

I’m sure we’ve all seen pictures of polar bears and read articles about how the ice is melting and the bears are losing their habitat. Well, I’ve got an idea how we can save them.  How about we get some really big fans and blow all this arctic cold air right back up to them? Maybe some of those big turbines used on wind farms would help with this project.  I’m sure the water would freeze if this cold air was back where it belongs.

When I was a girl, we did not have air conditioning. We survived with the help of a window fan which pulled air through the apartment. Maybe the Canadians could put some big “window” fans along the upper borders of their provinces and pull some of this cold air up there. After all, it belongs to them, not us.

There was a picture of Al Gore in the newspaper this morning with an article about how all the ice in the Arctic Ocean will be gone in the summer. If all the cold air keeps coming down here, that’s probably true. I, for one, am ready to send it back where it belongs.  I believe the polar bears would be happy to get it back.

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