Mini-Vacation Postponed

I was planning to take a mini-vacation yesterday. A new bus line has been started in my county, going from one town at the northern end to another town at the southern end. This is the first attempt at public transportation in the county and I was all set to go exploring on the bus.

However, the frigid temperatures put a stop to that notion. I think I’ll wait until the weather is better. Standing outside waiting for a bus when it is so cold is not fun. I remember that from the days when I was working and took a bus to get to the office.

The weather folk are not encouraging. They say this cold weather may be here for two weeks. Two weeks! Snow is forecast for Wednesday night and frigid (how is that different from what we’ve got?) air is expected to move in behind the snow. They also say we’re on track to break a ten-year record of the most days when the high is below 20 F.

When can we expect the January thaw? It won’t be soon enough for me.

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