A Cold Start to 2010

2010 has gotten off to a cold start here. This morning it was 6F and the high won’t be above the mid teens. At least the sun is shining. But there’s no way around it … it is COLD!  It’s expected to stay like this for the next several days.

This is the kind of weather that makes me think of hot chocolate, coffee, or tea to drink. A hearty nourishing hot soup would be great for dinner, especially if paired with corn muffins or biscuits. Wonder what I have that I can make into one?

It’s definitely a day to bundle up if you’re going outside. Whatever you do, don’t stick your tongue to a metal post.  I plan to stay inside where I give thanks for my furnace which keeps me warm and the walls which block out the cold wind. 

I know there are some expressions which describe such cold weather but I can’t think of the complete ones.  It’s colder than a well digger’s … what?  It’s colder than a witch’s … ?  What expressions do you know or use to describe bitter cold weather?

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