Christmas Food Quiz

I trust everyone had a good holiday with family or whoever you chose to celebrate with yesterday. I have one final Christmas quiz for you. This one came from the’s Guide Site to Nutrition. I’ll post the answers on Tuesday … no point in making you wait longer than that since this struck me as a pretty easy quiz.

1. According to legend, this red and white confection was bent into the shape of a shepherd’s crook.
a. Candy cane
b. Peppermint patty
c. Licorice whip
d. Gummy worms

2. Norwegian-Americans commonly serve this lye-soaked fish at Christmas.
a. Orange roughy
b. Walleye
c. Lutefisk
d. Lefse

3. British tradition says that eating these during the twelve days of Christmas will bring happiness throughout the next year.
a. Fruitcakes
b. Mincemeat tarts
c. Christmas cookies
d. Candy canes

4. This Italian cake is dome-shaped and symbolic of Milan.
a. Panettone
b. Gingerbread
c. Cupcake
d. Yule log

5. Eggnog is milk, egg, sugar and spices and may have which spirit added?
a. Brandy
b. Cognac
c. Rum
d. Any of the above

6. This Venezuelan Christmas dish is made with beef, pork, capers, raisins, and olives, and cornmeal and wrapped in a banana leaf.
a. Lutefisk
b. Julmust
c. Hallaca
d. Fruitcake

7. Which of these are wines that are blended with spices. They are also known as mulled wines.
a. Glog
b. Gluhwein
c. Vin Chaud
d. All of the above

8. These unleavened wafers are served at Christmas Eve Vigil in eastern Europe.
a. Oplatki
b. Hallaca
c. Lefse
d. Panettone

9. This heavy cake is made from fruits and candy soaked in rum.
a. Marzipan
b. Gingerbread
c. Lebkuchen
d. Fruitcake

10. This Christmas dish is made with suet, alcohol, dried fruit, and may have coins or tokens added.
a. Plum pudding
b. Brandy butter
c. Gingerbread
d. Lebkuchen

Did your celebrations include any of these foods?

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1 Response to Christmas Food Quiz

  1. Carole says:

    Our celebrations definitely included #10 minus alcohol but these days no money as our coinage is no longer silver based but other metal which can be rather toxic when heated. not familiar with a number of these foods but have made educated gueses at them. I await the answers!

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