Christmas Cards

Most of my mail these days are Christmas cards from scattered friends. I enjoy getting these cards. I like it even more when they include a letter catching me up on what’s been going on in their lives this year if they don’t regularly write to me.

But what do you do with the cards? Do you display them during the holiday season? I have a felt Christmas tree which hangs over the curtain rod in the dining room. The cards get pinned to it so I can enjoy the montage they make.

What do you do with your cards after Christmas? I assume you do as I do and update your address book. But what do you do after that?

I’ve heard some people send their cards to St. Jude’s Hospital in Memphis, TN. The patients there do something with them which is a fundraiser for this premier children’s hospital.

Another idea I’ve read about is to put the cards in a basket and each morning, pull one out so you can pray for that person during the day. That seems like a worthy idea to me but I’m not sure I’d stay with it for an entire year. You must set up some system so you get a different card every day or else you’d be praying for some friends all the time and others would be neglected.

Some people cut them up and recycle them. They make new cards from them, selecting elements from the incoming card to make a new outgoing card. Another idea is to turn the fronts into post cards if they’re the appropriate size. One of my aunts cut her cards into a sort of hexagonal shape (if I remember correctly) and crocheted them together in some way to make little baskets of them.

So, what do you do with your cards?

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1 Response to Christmas Cards

  1. Mary Ann Powell says:

    I am late reading this, but would like to comment. I still love sending and receiving cards even with the rising cost of postage, and I’m not too fond of getting an e-card for Christmas. Of course, any remembrance is appreciated. I keep the cards and pick one each day to pray for that person or family (as you mentioned). I don’t repeat as the card is put in another basket after my devotional time and those eventually are offered on FreeCycle to anyone who might enjoy using them for crafts. Often I send a notecard to the person I’ve prayed for, letting them know that I have done so, and occasionally, enclose a self-addressed postcard, asking if they have any special prayer request I could pray with them about.
    Year ago, I used to send my cards to Saint Jude’s but heard a long time ago that they were no longer accepting them, unless that policy has changed.

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