I’ve Succumbed

After seeing lots … almost seems like hundreds … of photos of Jared Flood’s Noro striped scraf on various blogs, I’ve succumbed and started one. My winter coat is an electric or royal blue. The scarf I’ve been wearing was knit from an Australian version of Bernat Boa (sent to me by a friend from Australia). It’s kind of cozy but is beginning to show it’s age. Little tails are finding their way out.

The other Sunday afternoon my local yarn shop was open to assist holiday shoppers. I left church, had lunch and then stopped by shortly after they opened. I went in search of something I wanted to get as a gift for someone else. They didn’t have it but gave me some leads on where I might find it.

While looking around the shop, I spotted some Mochi Plus yarn. It comes in long color repeats sort of like the Noro yarn. With the help of the shop owner I selected two colorways to make my scarf. One is blues/green and the other has a kind of raspberry color in it as well as the electric blue of my coat.

I started the scarf yesterday morning and have just a few inches completed. I’ve got mixed feelings about it right now. The raspberry color is much more prominent than I wanted … but that may change as I continue. This yarn is a delight, for the most part, to knit. It’s very soft and will no doubt be very comfortable against my neck (my coat doesn’t have a collar) but it’s almost unspun. There is a thin and thickness to the spinning that I’m not sure I like. Given that it’s mostly merino, it may pill badly too.

Oh, well, I’ve given in and started a striped scarf so I’ll be right in style with all the other knitters.  Isn’t it interesting the amount of peer pressure you can feel from reading knitting blogs?

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