Oh How The Winds Did Blow!

I know that we have been spared the winter storms other areas have experienced. We’ve only had snow flurries, not any accumulation.

What we have had is wind … winds of up to 60 mph … which is more wind than I like. The winds nearly tore the storm door off my house during the night Tuesday. The latch doesn’t hold it securely so I had added a strong rubber band (like comes on broccoli) to it to give some extra security. The wind ripped that rubber band in two! When it slams the door against the house, the whole house shakes.

Yesterday was bitter cold. The high was very early in the morning and was 37. The temperatures dropped all day and at bedtime it was 19 with a wind chill of 4 with a prediction that it would be even colder overnight. The radio cautioned people to bundle up if they went out.  Thankfully the winds had calmed down some although they still cut through you if you were outside.

On days like that I’m so thankful for my mohair sweater. My friend in NZ sent me the yarn many years ago and I knit the sweater. It is quite the warmest sweater I have but is light to wear. That’s what I’ll be wearing later this morning when I go to tutor the boys in reading.

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