Inching Toward Christmas

I’m making slow progress in my Christmas preparations. It feels like I’m accomplishing them inch by inch. But the tree is up, the felt tree is hanging ready to have Christmas cards pinned to it, the small ceramic tree with its attendant carolers is in place, the wreath is on the door, and tonight the folk art nativity set was put in place. I have a few more decorations to get in place but I think I’ll get those done later today.

Last night I wrote my annual letter which goes in my Christmas cards while listening to a radio station which was playing all Christmas music. Some people don’t like annual letters. I write one because some of the people I send cards to don’t write me but maybe once or twice in a year and it’s a good way to keep in touch.

What do you think about annual letters? If you’d like to get a copy of mine, leave me a comment and I’ll email it to you.

My next big Christmas project is recreating my Christmas card list. The Geek Squad was able to retrieve a number of my documents but my Christmas card list which was formatted for printing on address labels was a casualty of the computer crash. Once I get that recreated and copies made of my annual letter, I’ll be able to get my cards in the mail.

How are you doing in your Christmas preparations?

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3 Responses to Inching Toward Christmas

  1. Chris says:

    No cards prepared. House decorated. Now I just have to prepare for: a Christmas luncheon for the middle school teachers, a progressive dinner for the youth, and a 26 guest dinner party at our house. Oh, and we only have 1 present purchased!

  2. Susie says:

    All Christmas cards mailed! And I love Christmas letters.

  3. fillyjonk says:

    I don’t mind the letters at all; like you, a number of the people I correspond with only send cards at Christmas so it’s a good way to keep up.

    I do draw the line at the three-page, size-8-font extravaganzas that some people with large and accomplished families send. Sometimes editing is a good thing.

    I still have to do my cards.

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