Computer Woes Continue

I think this computer is beyond salvaging. I’ve been trying to remember how long I’ve had it and since the WORD and Excel programs are marked 2003, I’m guessing at least five years. I think that’s about the lifespan of a computer even with updates, etc.

BTW, the new modem hasn’t solved the problem. The computer will start but it still can’t find the modem. I also can’t find my WORD or Excel files. Thursday morning I managed to make copies on my printer of some material I needed for my tutoring sessions. That afternoon the printer would no longer work.

In this season of Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for friends who help with computer issues. I’m thankful my local library has computers I can use for free (that’s where I’m writing this).

So I think I’m off to buy a new computer. My wallet groans.

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4 Responses to Computer Woes Continue

  1. fillyjonk says:

    I presume a virus/spyware scan has been done? A few times when my computer was acting very funky and giving me lots of trouble, running spyware removal software fixed it.

    Then again, computers do have a limited lifespan. I got this one around 2003 and it’s still working, but I expect it won’t forever. And it is slow compared to what’s out there now.

    I’m just not ready to replace it yet.

    • 5216char says:

      Yes, I have very active virus and spyware programs on my computer. From what I was told, I was in the midst of a cascading failure. I got this computer in about 2003 and I think exhausted its lifespan. The real tipoff for me was when the printer worked before I went to school on Thursday and didn’t work when I got home a few hours later and I had done nothing to it. I went last night and bought a new computer. At least I can use the same flat screen monitor and my ergonomic keyboard. The guys at Best Buy are installing the new software, managed to find my WORD documents and Excel files and are doing a data transfer for me. I should be able to pick everything up later today. Then I have the challenge of hooking it all up. At least my nephews and brother-in-law will be over for Thanksgiving to rescue me if I goof that up. I expect I’ll be able to deduct part of the expense of the new computer from my income taxes since I use it for my small home business.

      Thanks for your comments.


  2. ray says:

    Don’t get one yet. Questions:
    What operating system are you using (XP, Vista, etc.)
    Do you have trouble finding files or just using stuff like your modem, printer?
    Do you have system restore disks?

    In all likelihood the OS needs to be reinstalled. This is a chronic Windows issues with older computers. My advice is to back up your data, wipe the computer’s harddrive clean, and then reinstalll the software on the disks from the computer maker. Only whne that fails would I get a new computer. And, yes, I would say get a mac. 😉


    • 5216char says:

      Read this too late … I’ve already bought a new computer!

      I was using XP. From what I understand, I was having cascading failure. I don’t have the disks to re-install anything since the computer came with all the software pre-installed when I bought it. Tuesday when I couldn’t get it to boot up, I did a System Restore or something like that … it was on the F10 key. That reinstalled a bunch of the software but I couldn’t find my WORD or Excel files. Since most of what’s on my computer is in those two programs, I was panicky because I run a small business from my home and while I could probably reconstruct the business files, it wouldn’t be easy. I couldn’t connect to the Internet at all. Kept getting the message that it couldn’t find the modem. Bought a new modem and had it installed but still couldn’t get to the Internet. Thursday morning I copied some class materials for my tutoring students on my printer which was a copier/printer/scanner model. Left for school. When I came home later that day, the printer wouldn’t work.

      So I gave up and bought a new computer. The guys at Best Buy managed to locate my WORD and Excel files and in the process of installing the latest Office suite software, transferring my data, etc. for me as I sit in here at the library typing on their machine. Now, I just have to manage to hook everything up properly which is not a given. However, my newphews and brother-in-law will be at my house Thursday for Thanksgiving and can troubleshoot things for me if I goof it up.

      I appreciate your taking time to work on this with me.


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