Computer Woes

Tuesday my computer would not boot up. Instead of getting the desktop with icons, etc., on it, all I got was a black screen with a blinking cursor. I tried several things and ended up doing a Systems Restore which effectively re-installed all the programs. I lost all my Favorites. When I was finally able to log in, the computer said it couldn’t find the modem. So that night I took the computer to Best Buy where I purchased a modem and they installed it for me.

Once back home, I tried to fire up the computer so I could read email and blogs. To my dismay, all the icons are tiny and the print is very small. I know there’s a way to change this so both the type and the icons are larger. But I can’t find the spot where I do that. Does anyone know? Can you help me?

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1 Response to Computer Woes

  1. ray says:

    It sounds like your monitor settings were changed (likely to the monitor best buy uses).

    Right click on your desktop (anywhere that is not a window) and choose properties. click on settings and slide the ‘screen resolution” bar to 1024 by 768. click apply. This should restore the picture. If not, hit cancel and choose a different setting. If nothing works, then try rebooting. if that still doesn’t work, you’ll need to call someone cause it’s not something simple.

    lemme know if this helps.

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