Skipping Thanksgiving

Each week I tutor two students in reading, one-on-one with each student  for one hour. This year I’m working with two boys, one a second grader and one a first grader.

The first thing we do is write a story in his story journal. The subject of the story is up to the student. If he’s stuck for an idea, I might offer up some topics but he gets to pick one.

The second grader wrote about Halloween in the previous story. This week he wanted to write about Christmas. I said, “What about Thanksgiving?” He skipped right over Thanksgiving and hit on Christmas. His concentration was mostly on presents.

I don’t want to skip Thanksgiving. I’ve noticed several bloggers are posting Thankful Thursdays in November. I’m enjoying those posts. It’s always good to stop and appreciate what you have and give thanks for those people, places and things in our life which give it meaning.  Let’s don’t skip Thanksgiving.

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2 Responses to Skipping Thanksgiving

  1. fillyjonk says:

    Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, I think in part because everyone can celebrate it, regardless of their faith path (or none). And that it’s less commercialized than many holidays.

  2. Carole says:

    Many countries could well follow this USA tradition. With countries becoming increasingly mulitcultural you have a celebration that is inclusive rather than divisive, something that others envy. Despite its origions thanks can be given for whatever is deemed appropriate by the celebrants irrespective of race, creed or religon. Keep your tradition.

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