Quick Trip to England and France

Last night I made a quick trip to England and France through the film shown at the monthly travelogue at a local university. It centered on the English Channel which in French is called Le Manche which translates as “the sleeve.” Not sure why the French call it that.

The lecturer alternated between the southern coast of England and the northern coast of France.  Part of the film was shot in Poole, the town in Dorset where one of my penpals lives so it was interesting to see scenes that she sees.  

There were some shots of the various beaches in France which played such an important part of World War II.  British school classes travel to those towns in France to visit museums and learn about the various invasions all the way back to the Normans which launched from there.  I noticed that all the students wore the same color baseball cap and thought what a useful way to keep track of them.  To my way of thinking, the caps would be better than a class teeshirt.  The program ended with the Channel Islands which are closer to the coast of France but are, indeed, British islands.  

All in all, it was a very interesting evening, showing a part of both countries which isn’t usually covered in a travel lecture program.

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