Not A Wildlife Refuge

I do wish the Universe would get the message that my house is not a wildlife refuge. So far, I’ve dispatched two more mice — in addition to Wiley Mouse — to the great beyond. The one which was in the trap today had such a look of surprise on its face. It was trying to reach the bait from the side of the trap rather than straight on so it died of a broken back instead of a broken neck.

I’ve also sent two spiders of varying sizes on their way to the eternal web and another big insect creature that I couldn’t identify. I know the weather has turned cool but, really, my house is not a refuge for all these creatures. I’ve also found three tent caterpillar cocoons attached to the beam across my front porch. Whatever the critter uses to attach those is very strong because I haven’t been able to get them down … not with the broom, or a rake, the pruners or the hoe or anything else. I really don’t want to be hatching whatever larvae is inside but, as of now, I can’t get the cocoons down so they can go in the trash.

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