Finally, A Sewn FO

I finally finished the blouse I started … when? In July? Whenever. It was to be a summer blouse. Fortunately the fabric I picked is suitable to wear into the fall so I’ll still get some use out of it this year. Buttons were attached on Sunday afternoon which was the last thing I needed to do.

Now, it’s on to a new sewing project. I think it will be another blouse since I can wear those most of the winter, unlike a summer skirt which will soon need to be put away for the winter.   These are not high-fashion garments but serviceable additions to a retiree’s wardrobe.

The temps have definitely turned cooler here and giving thought to getting out the winter clothes should find a place on my to-do list before long.  Every year I play a game with myself on when I’ll give in and start wearing them.  My target for this year is to be able to wait until November 1.

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