Senior Seminars

The local community college system offers a series of Senior Seminars at this time of the year. The topics vary widely. The programs are held at an area church and usually draw a nice crowd of senior citizens, heavy on the ladies of course but a few men also venture out.  The morning starts with a coffee/donut period and then the guest lecturer speaks.

Last week the program was on early jazz. I learned that the period of jazz sort of overlapped the period when ragtime was the “in” form of music but lasted longer than ragtime. In fact, it lasted from around the turn of the century up until World War II when Big Band music came in. I also learned that ragtime is played from a score; jazz is improvised.

This week the program was on Georgia O’Keefe, a painter I was slightly aware of. I remember her paintings of big poppies. But I learned she had a kind of rough life getting her art training and her personal life even from an early age wasn’t a bed of roses either. She painted more than just the big florals I remember. The lecturer was a retired art historian so was well equipped to share her knowledge with us.

One feature of the Senior Citizen Seminars I like is that we can pick which programs we want to attend. It’s nice to be able to go to only things you’re interested in. But, really, any of them would broaden your knowledge and might even open a new field of study for you.

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