More Fashion Ponderings

Somehow I don’t usually think of fashion when I think about knitting something. I’m aware that knit patterns tend to echo the same lines and colors as the ready-to-wear industry but somehow that just doesn’t seem as important when I’m selecting yarn and pattern to knit a garment. Perhaps this is because it takes me so long to complete something, it will be out of style by the time it is finished if I select a high fashion style.

Recently, though, I’ve become aware of two knit fashions which seem to be sweeping through throngs of knitters. One is the Mondo Cable pattern by Bonnie Marie Burns. I’ve seen this sweater as a pullover and as a cardigan, with sleeves and without, on several knitting blogs. I’m sorry but the sweater just doesn’t appeal to me. It appears to be a slightly A-line swing style and, to my eye, it just looks droopy and ill-fitting. That’s not stopping lots of people from knitting it in all kinds of yarn.

The other style which is sweeping through the knit community is the February Ladies Sweater. This one is an Elizabeth Zimmermann design, originally found in her Almanac for the month of February, designed for a baby. Someone has upsized it to fit an adult. Like the Mondo Cable, it’s sweeping through the knitting community and being knit in a variety of yarns.

I’ve succombed to this one. My version is being knit in Red Heart Tweed in a grey with flecks of white and turquoise in it. I’m doing a modification I saw on a blog and adding more buttons than the three Elizabeth indicated in her baby pattern.

Being me, I started this with yarn from my stash. I have four skeins of yarn which “should” be enough to do the sweater in my size but just barely. I’ve separated the sleeves out (it’s a raglan, knit from the top down) and am about three inches below the underarm on the body. I’m also ready to add the third skein.

Will I have enough yarn to complete the sweater? I don’t know. It’s a good thing the sleeves are three-quarter length but, in my case, they will be however long I have yarn to knit them.  I’m looking forward to completing this in time to wear it this winter.

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One Response to More Fashion Ponderings

  1. Robbyn says:

    I keep wondering about the FLS too but I’m afraid it might make me look pregnant. On the other hand, so what? It still looks like a nice, not-too-hard-to-knit, comfortable garment. I’ve been dithering about it for a while now 🙂

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